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Polaroid photo of Loren spaeking at organization event

Mission, message, and brand – they are all a story we tell to point to “happily ever after.”

Besides having taught Storytelling in the Theater and Communications programs at Metro State University for 25 years, I teach storytelling for mission and brand for the University of St. Thomas’ Executive Leadership Institutes.

I offer presentation coaching, critical message development, storytelling workshops and organizational consulting to advertising agencies, businesses large and small, non-profit organizations and government programs around the country and the world. The question I always begin with is: what is the core of the story you want to tell?

 “It was great working with you and the response from the sales team on the story telling workshop has been very positive indeed...  only 3 days in to our return to the UK office I have received many anecdotal examples of where the teams have successfully delivered their calls using powerful patient stories. So overall a successful start to a new way of communicating our messages.”

—Marie Gardner, Product

Manager, Clexane-Sanofi-Aventi


Four Paths to Leadership

Finding and claiming the essential stories present in every community and organization, why they are important, and how they make a better world.

Mission, Message and Brand

Hands-on framing of your essential mission, values and brand messages followed by specific training to effectively tell those stories and invite action.


Stories of the “Other”   

A participatory dialogue about bias in our lives and how the critical issues of race, sex and class are revealed in our stories of the “Other”.



Here are three workshops I offer for businesses and organizations or I can custom design one to fit specific needs. All workshops can be made available online.

I coach individuals and teams to help you to effectively present your mission, values, sales or presentation materials to engage the audience you want to reach.

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