Thirty years of teaching classes and workshops has taught me that there is always a way in and through the "what" and "maybe" to your own story

Between 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Happily Ever After'

A six week course (90-minute sessions) that walks you through the structuring of narratives using The New Book of Plots and Point of View & the Emotion Arc of Stories as texts. We'll look at permissions and limitations of 10 useful plot forms and the perspectives that voice and time frame provide in structuring old and new narratives. Conversation, exercises and helpful coaching as you tell your stories.

Take it yourself or make it a gift for someone you think would value becoming a better storyteller. Applicable to both oral (folklore, historical, personal, slam) and written stories.

Limited to 10 participants per sequence.

Priced at $180 if you have the books

$200 if you want me to send you autographed course copies.

You may contact me directly if you prefer to register by phone or email, or for more information.


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March 18 through

May 6, 2021

“A lot of his material was completely new to me and, before the workshop, I would have been skeptical about some of these forms working with oral material. I left feeling like I've been given some new tools...”

—Miriam Nadel's

“Areas of Unrest” blog