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“Loren is a magician! He knows when to push, and when to pull back, when to encourage and when to challenge.  His guidance, good humor, support and friendship makes the impossible possible, the fearful fearless and the story assume the shape you want it to be.

—Robin Bady

My function is to listen carefully and ask you what is the story you are trying to tell.

My services to storytellers and writers consist of services both for individuals and groups. I can coach, direct, or edit material you create and want to publish or perform. And like a good drill instructor, my workshops are about making and your having skills and product when we are done.

Polaroid photo of pool water and swimmer by Loren
Polaroid photo of Loren at microphone


Here are a few of the workshops I offer. I custom design them as well, to fit specific needs. All can be made available online.

Plot: Mapping the Territory

Explore ten elegant and useful narrative forms found in “The New Book of Plots” that can transform how you write or tell stories.

Character and Voice:
The Landscape of Story

Beyond the “what happens” of plot there is the world you inhabit and the permissions or limitations of  speaking in first, second and third person voice.


The Emotional Arc of Stories   

Inside stories there are three emotional arcs – the teller of the tale, the characters in the story, and the audience itself – this is how you craft rach of those journeys.

Walking to Find Poems and Stories

This workshop is a about the joy of walking in urban and rural settings as a starting point for stories and poems.


Whether crafting oral or written material for publication or performance, I’m happy to help you find your voice and shape it expressively for your audience.

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