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As Fellini said, "I have invented myself entirely…a childhood, a personality, longings, dreams and memories, all in order to enable me to tell them." 



I have a lifetime’s worth of stories to tell and continue to create them. I’m happy to tell for your particular themes or circumstances.

Here are three solo performances that I am currently offering:

Finding Gregory  

The vivid story of an extraordinary man. My search for him after his disappearance is the first part, but the second part is really about the "grief before death" that so many of us experience when faced with dementia and Alzheimer's. 

"Loren chose his stories to let us know a man we cannot know without him. It built to a thoughtful, deep ending. I had tears in my eyes."

—Margaret Meyers

Bad Brother: Religion and Politics

My most autobiographical work about how I went into a religious order as a Catholic and came out a Buddhist with an FBI file. 

“The clarity and suspense of his personal narrative, hitting upon some of the most vexed social and political issues of America in the Sixties, rivets the attention.”

—Jay Harvey, Upstage

How Do You Read Me?
(with Howard Lieberman)

How do you read anyone? Gender? Ethnicity? Religion? Politics? Class?  These are stories of when we misread others or were misread and what was learned from it. These are also stories about how we came to claim who we are then and now..

"While their stories typically elicit laughter, this time the humor is subtle, allowing room for the full range of appropriate emotions. “It’s worth the moment of seriousness,” they say, and I wholeheartedly agree."

—John Lyle Belden

Fata Morgana 

An audience “choose your adventure” story with the Baker, the Contessa, the Mapmaker or the Widow, each in search of their destiny in Fata Morgana.

“At the outset of this feat of virtuoso storytelling, Loren Niemi—a modern day Scheherazade—gives his audience a choice of where he should begin his tale in a world that owes something to the Arabian Nights.”

—Indy Nuvo 4.5 stars

Bad Brother
Minneapolis performance 2018

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