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Ghost Stories Old and New

February, the month of hearts and flowers. For me it will be the month in which my collection of ghost stories - What Haunts Us? - comes into the world by way of MoonFire Publishing. It's a valentine to persistant shadows and unsettled memory with stories about things that do not go bump in the night but can leave you awake and wondering.

I have lived with some of the 15 stories in this collection for a long time. Since 1981 for the three northern Minnesota stories and soon after for the seed that has become "An Inquiry into the Life of the Count St. Germain". There are also new stories including a time traveling ghost in "Meeting Myself" and a little bit of sex with ghosts at a "Gas Stop".

I'd like to say there's something for everyone but really their isn't much for kids. Pick one up and see what suits your disciminating tastes.

Now available in Amazon Kindle<> and Smashwords E-Book<> Editions. The paperback is coming soon


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