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The Adventure of 2019

The start of the year and the first blog on my site. The tree and the shadow of the tree. The actual and the memory, the essential and the projection of what is. Well, rather than get too philosophical let me say here's a few things that are coming.

• In February, MoonFire Press.will bring out my collection of ghost stories, "What Haunts Us". It begins withstories I heard in my trvels around the country and moves into the imaginative and speculative with stories I have created (and in some cases, told for years now). More on that soon.

• In March I am on the road - Fayetteville, AR, the Tejas Storytelling Festival in Denton Texas, Albuquerque, NM and ending the month at the Sharing the Fire COnference in Plymouth, MA.

be well.


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