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Tis the Season for Chills....

Halloween is coming. Samhain in the older traditions is coming. Dia de los Muertos is coming. Looking to my Catholic roots All Saints and All Souls is coming. The twilight season when a chill is in the air and the scuttling of leaves across the sidewalks reminds up that there is more to living than the habits of everyday.

So let me make a pitch for my collection of ghost stories as appropriate reading for these days. 15 stories beginning with only slightly polished testimonies from folks who had experience with the other side. Then moving to stories more philosophical and speculative in nature. The spell of BBQ, books the save lives while they burn, a genie in a defective bottle, dating a vampire - that sort of thing. Ending with a lush romantic story of the immortal Count Saint Germain and his 7th wife, the very mortal Isabel.

As my first wife, Lauren said, "Evocative! truly a delicious read! Some chills, some sadness. Magical!!" But you don't have to take her word for it. Robin Bady, a lovely Brooklyn based storyteller in her own right, said it is "A wonderfully strange and disturbing book."

It is available from the 800 pound Gorilla - Amazon - or through or directly from me if you order off my books page on this website.


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